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Mozilla Firefox is a premium browser which is available online at free cost. This year company is about to present some new updates and the user who are already been using Mozilla Firefox will get the notification soon. So let’s start talking about the some of the hidden features of the Mozilla Firefox 2018. Soon you will get the reminder or kind of the notification if you want to upgrade your current version of the Mozilla Firefox. As per the trusted reports, Mozilla is all set to remove the user bookmark from the latest version as they are thinking to introduce some new features as result. They are going you wipe off the online storage so that you can manage your storage purposes manually. This will enables you to control your browser activity especially for the background tasks. Some of the users seem freak out due to the unnecessary use of bytes without even use it directly by them. So it will be quite a bit amazing for all of them who are looking for this one update. Moving to the other latest features, Mozilla Firefox is trying to impress users by the ultra-elegant and amazing user interface themes.

Mozilla Firefox 2018

Yes you heard it right. Mozilla Firefox might be focusing on the user interface as user demanded according the earlier reports. Company also has decided to stop the automatically add-on mechanism provided by it. As if you know, every time you visit a new website, a popup will be there that is regarding add-on. I mean this really freak out the user. They have given the guess to the clients that company may think of it either to stop or not. Of course if Mozilla Firefox will end up the add-on feature it will be the end of a giant legacy which has been come from so far. But wait, they are going to introduce a new features which will never let you feel awe about add-on and it is called WebExtention. Exactly this is the alternative of the add-on and it will work somewhat like it. In WebExtention, you can give the permanent command to the director of browser either you are willing to install those silly extensions or not. And if not, WebExtention will no longer disturb you with useless popups and notification again and again.

Moving to the next level of the browsing experience, Firefox has own the crown of being most popular and fastest browser of all time. Yes there’s no doubt that Firefox is doing well while surfing. And what’s surprising this year is it includes the adblock features extension pre-installed in it. Meanwhile user do not need to go through irritating ad world if you are person of strict content based. Just think about the hidden benefits of Mozilla Firefox 2018, purely adapted to save your time. This will make it more efficient, faster and fluent as well.

Here are some more details and positive things are concerned to this topic

  • Performance issues in Adblock Plus 2.9 will no longer be an issue when Firefox 57 is released. Issue reporter will collect fewer data points and won’t flag common issues locally anymore.
  • Block element offers less assistance, and may not work under certain circumstances.
  • The element hiding emulation syntax is supported by the Firefox extension.
  • Firefox users may block WebRTC connections.

Wrapping up

In contrast, we will recommend you to stay tuned on Firefox as its going to huge in near future. And if you still have any kind of doubt or query, do let us know in the comment section. We will sort it out soon. Till then, do share this article with your friends and family. Have a great day…


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